About me

I am, like many artists, fascinated by light and how its differing qualities affect the visual impact of everything we see. Both natural and artificial light create multitudes of highlights, shadows and reflections that can change dramatically at any given moment. It was these properties that first drew me to train engines; their highly reflective surfaces are perfect for capturing the diversities of light.

Working at The Trackside since 2010 has given me ample opportunity to study these engines and they have slowly become one of my main subject areas.  However, I do greatly enjoy a break from this field and have found success with a wide variety of themes and media.

This is where digital fractals come in: Fractals are geometric patterns that are repeated at larger and/or smaller scales. They are found all over nature, in smaller things such as snowflakes, ferns and snail shells, and larger things like cloud formations, storms and even huge galaxies.

In digital art, fractals are unique. The artist uses mathematical formulae to create abstract work with infinite possibilities of form and shape, colour and light. I found that by incorporating meaningful numbers, such as dates into the formulae I could create artwork with personal significance.

The artwork that I make is by no means limited to these areas and I would love to hear from you if you would like to discuss a commission. My prices are very reasonable, as I believe that everyone should be able own beautiful art, put please bare in mind that I have bills to pay too.